IT Consulting

Internet Technology Consulting

Since 2003, we have had our own IT infrastructure in Datacenters in Switzerland. We help our customers to deploy and maintain their servers with us.

The main tasks we perform:

  • Virtualization of physical servers in the datacenter
  • Setting up a local, external network, VPN if necessary, etc.
  • Calculations of needs, CPU resources; memory, backup, etc.
  • Help set up OS, drivers, software
  • Setting up backups and archives
  • Housing for 1-2U machines.

To illustrate these services, let's take three different examples:

We have as a client a company which has 8 branches and whose workstations are virtualized with us, a large company located in Lausanne which hosts an application or even an independent in real estate, who has his “windows” and his applications accessible everywhere, as long as there is internet.

Do you have a teleworking project or virtualization?

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