Desktop As A Service (DAAS)

Remote work, in a team

Now more than ever, remote working makes perfect sense. But how do you go about working remotely? and actually know where your data really is?
Virtual Server

You need to set up one or more virtual servers, for example, a Desktop machine, with which you can connect from home. If you have about twenty employees, an Exchange server, an LDAP server, a "file server", etc ... could be considered.

Virtual Desktop

The advantage of a virtualized desktop is that you can add or remove resources easily. Plus, you don't have to worry about maintaining and changing IT servers internally in your business. It’s a big time and money saver.

Finally, at Maxony, your virtual servers are in Switzerland and not on a cloud somewhere in the world, with us, they are in Lausanne, Crissier to be more exact.

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