Digital Marketing Consulting

Digital Marketing Consulting

At Maxony, we have been working with some clients for 20 years, we started with SEO on Altavista and created our first business before Google launched adwords.
Digital Lab

Passionate about the subject, we have always had, for our customers and for our own software, an effective digital marketing approach, based on our experience, our tests, our “digital lab”.

Also, we offer a digital marketing consulting service.

“We are reinventing your digital web strategy with our experts."

Email Marketing

Among the levers we use, we have a great deal of experience in email marketing, natural referencing, keyword purchases including landing pages, conversion analyzes, re-targeting. We also take care, via natural referencing services, of “content management” at the strategic level.

In order to then help you achieve this strategy, we can work as a project manager with your webmasters or your agencies, if you wish.

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