Virtualized Server
Swiss Data Center

Your VM (Virtualized Machine) in Switzerland

We host virtual servers, for your applications, your remote office/desktop (DAAS), and all types of other needs.

Virtualization offers many advantages over traditional installations.

  • One of the first advantages is to remove dependence on the hardware. So, in the case of migration of machines, one does not have to reinstall an operating system with specific drivers.
  • The second is the ease with which we can take “snapshots” and back up machines.
  • Finally, virtualization also offers high availability (HA) in the event of a hardware failure.
  • The list is obviously not exhaustive.

So if you have internal servers that you want to virtualize, or already virtualized servers that you want to host in our data center, we can help you and discuss it in a conference call.

Are you interested?

You can obtain much more information about virtualised servers in Switzerland.