Mailpro Premium Software

Mailpro Premium

Mailpro Premium is an Email solution hosted in Switzerland for customers with specific needs related to their fields of activity, as well as to legislation. Mailpro is one of the European leaders in Email Marketing since 2004.

We offer our premium customers, mainly public administrations, banks, insurance companies, central banks, IT companies, a solution for their email and email marketing needs.

Among our Premium services:

  • API use, Premium SMTP
  • Guarantee in terms of data hosting in Switzerland
  • Dedicated Swiss IPs
  • Own redundant network (ASN 207395)
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Implementation of tailor-made solutions
  • Establishment of own infrastructure
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Priority support, phone and email

It should also be noted that for our IT partners who are resellers of Mailpro solutions, we offer commissions according to the volume, training on tools and solutions.

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