Formpro Software

Create your forms and surveys with Formpro

Formpro is an online application (SAAS), which allows you to create online forms easily.
Online forms

Did you spend all afternoon creating a poll? Not anymore, with our application, no more time wasted because Formpro includes a drag and drop tool for creating forms and surveys just using your mouse. So just click on the item that interests you, a text field for example and drag to the place that suits you to create a form. Formpro also automatically binds with our other application for sending newsletters called Mailpro, so you can send easily a newsletter to your customers. For event registration or to invite them to complete an online survey.

Interesting features
  • Prebuilt models
  • Customizable themes and designs
  • Sales form using PayPal
  • Optional captcha
  • Autoresponders
  • Hidden Fields
  • Conversion tracking
  • Hosted in Switzerland

Create responsive Forms and Surveys

You can test our application for free on our website